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All is quiet in the Dinosaur Cafe until big bully T-Rex bursts in, demanding more than vegetarian fare! The other dinosaurs are left with no choice but to call in their secret weapon - Terry Triceratops. With big bully T-Rex now flat on his back the rest of the dinosaurs join in and tickle him till he's helpless with laughter. It's a triumph for peace-loving dinos everywhere! Author/Poet BRIAN MOSES has sales of over 1,000,000 children's story and poetry books to date and VP are thrilled to announce the first-ever collaboration between Brian and worldwide celebrated cartoonist/illustrator, HUNT EMERSON, who have joined forces to bring Brian's hilarious poem, which has an underlying theme throughout about bullies and how to deal with them.

“Brian and Hunt have combined to conjure up a dazzling dino-delight. Both poet and illustrator are at the top of their game, as the words and pictures complement each other perfectly to provide a feast for the reader. Brian, once again, shows why he is Poetry Royalty and Hunt backs up the riotous rhymes with his own brand of eye-popping pictures. Roar it from the rooftops, ‘Trouble at the Dinosaur Café’ is a MONSTER success!” - CHRIS WHITE – Author of ‘SHELL – THE HORSE AWAKENS’ and ‘NO! NO! NO! – DON’T KISS THE FROG!’

“Pops and fizzes with riotous rhymes and chaotic cartoons from the pens of Brian Moses and Hunt Emerson. The kaleidoscope of colours compliments the uproarious rhymes taking us on a Jurassic rollercoaster of dino-frolics!” - IAN BILLINGS – Author of ‘BILLY PLONKA AND THE GROT LABORATORY’, ‘MOBY DUCK’ and ‘THE FBG’

“A Brian Moses masterpiece which will delight children of all ages. They won’t stop chuckling from start to finish! This hilarious tale written in rhyme is enhanced by Emerson Hunts brilliantly colourful, detailed illustrations. The hilarious Dinosaur Cafe is guaranteed to have a regular supply of enthusiastic return customers!”

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