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Luna - The Moon Pig - Paperback Book

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Brand: Ventorros Press

A heartwarming tale of caring, sharing, rejection, hope, fun, adventure, happiness, sadness, love, magic and self-discovery. LUNA THE MOON PIG is the cutest of pigs, with a moon face, chocolate-drop eyes, and the wiggliest of tails. The Millers adopt her and give her to their daughter, Maria. But Moon Pig longs for her freedom and she soon escapes! A friendly Cardinal Bird and a wise owl accompany her on her adventure - a magical journey to a wild wood, and beyond. One person - and one person only - came to Suzy’s mind when she was looking for an illustrator - Sheila Graber, the award-winning, world-acclaimed TV animator of ‘Paddington Bear’ and the TV animator/illustrator for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories.

"The cutest pig since, BABE. She's adorable!
Author, Sarah J. Maxwell

"After reading about Luna the Moon Pig you'll want to adopt a piggie too! With heart warming illustrations that transport you into Luna's world you'll want to re read this book again and again. A touching story exploring how we find our place in this sometimes confusing but exhilarating world".
Author, Jemma Buntin

“A beautifully illustrated book with a lovely, gentle message. Luna the Moon Pig's adventures, as she learns to love herself, will have you hooked from the very first page. The book will appeal to younger children but also to older more independent readers. A magical story about acceptance, friendship and love.”
Author, Ffion Jones

“ This little moon pig adventure is definitely one for the whole family to enjoy. Luna is such a little heart warming character and with such a lovely story I have no doubt kids of all ages will enjoy as my own did! Follow along through her adventure(s) with beautiful illustrations and new friends painting the picture of each scene. I hope to see what further adventures little Luna gets into”

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