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I Give You The Moon

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UPC: 978-1-9160494-8-2
Brand: Ventorros Press

Baran loves his little sister Leyla more than the moon, the stars and the sun. And, no matter what, that love will always stay with her. Inspired by a true story, I Give You The Moon celebrates the special and enduring love between siblings.

“The story is very relatable to adults and children who have ever looked out at the moon and stars at night, believing in their magic. The illustrations are stunning! They add something very special to the story. This is such a wonderful 'bedtime story' about childhood wishes and Love.”
SARAH SURGEY – Author of ‘The Heavy Bag’ and ‘The Slow Superhero’

“Through tear filled eyes .... This is the most significant and important children's book that I've ever read. I'll treasure these words for a long time. What a beautiful gift to be able to give a child. Every child should have access to this book. What a truly gorgeous read. I will certainly be buying this beauty of a book.”
JEMMA BUNTIN – Author of ‘Them and Us!’

“Knowing the context and inspiration for this book, it is both heart-breaking, soul taking but ultimately a force of positivity. The book was inspired by the bravest of boys called Baran and his younger sister, Layla. Baran sadly died from a brain tumour in January 2021 but in his short 8 years on this planet, he brought so much laughter, joy and love to all who met him. His legacy lives on through Ffion Jones' new book. Ffion Jones specialises in writing books to help children work through difficult life issues, including the challenging subject of child bereavement. But should challenging issues, especially where children are concerned, be hidden away in a dark and unspoken place? Never! Stories must be told and inspirational lives must be held up high, for all to see. In my long experience of being a teacher, children are as wise and open as any grown up I've ever met. This is a simple story of the deep love between siblings; but a story made even more powerful by the fact that the child with a terminal illness, wants nothing more than to protect his younger sibling and shine love into her life forever more. If that isn't the definition of true love, then I don't know what is. Adults can learn so much from children, especially ones like Baran and Leyla. I know I have.
MARK BIRD – Author, Poet, Teacher

“I GIVE YOU THE MOON is a joyous and joyful story, simple without being simplistic. Its gentle story, told in delightful prose and sumptuous pictures, slowly unfolds a tale of sweet love and provides a timeless lesson in understanding and harmony. This will delight all young readers with its clean, pure tone and instinctive grasp of magic realism so beloved by this age group.”
IAN BILLINGS – Author of ‘Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory’

"I GIVE YOU THE MOON is one of the most touching and beautiful children's books you'll ever read. Stunning in both it's artistic style and lyrical content, it's a magical story about the innocence, depth and unconditionally selfless nature of sibling love that you and your children will never forget"
DALE NEAL – Author of ‘My Grandad Is An Alien’

“I GIVE YOU THE MOON, inspired by a little boy, Baran who lost his life to a terminal illness, will reassure children and help them understand that each life on this earth is a precious light that shines through any darkness, long after we are gone. I can see this book being used by parents, counselors, and hospitals to teach kids about working through traumatic experiences of grief and loss. Written in gentle language, children will find this book a comfort. The illustrations really capture this imaginative story and complement the narrative well.”
SUZY DAVIES – Author of ‘Luna The Moon Pig’ and ‘The Flamingos Who Painted The Sky’

“I GIVE YOU THE MOON is a beautiful story about the endless love between a brother and sister. The true story behind it's creation adds so much heartfelt emotion to its reading. There is something so innate and everlasting about looking to the sky when missing a loved one and seeking comfort. I GIVE YOU THE MOON is an instant classic with amazing illustrations. I highly recommend this story!”
BECKY HALTON – Author of :T:Rockasaurus

“I GIVE YOU THE MOON’ was a lovely story. Made even more touching by the fact that Baran and Leyla were based on real children. It shows the love a brother and a sister has for each other. (I only wish my son and daughter were like them and not fighting all the time… haha). It wasn’t to long. Perfect for a bedtime story.”
CHRIS GAMBLE – Author of ‘Gross George’

”Known for her wonderful children’s story books, which highlights the complexities of real-life issues for children. Ffion has once again hit the mark with her partner in crime and marvellous illustrator, Gareth Jones. Together creating another delightful tale of family and friendship through a child’s point of view, of how important, the understanding of fantasy and the realities of life can be used, to create a solid structure to a child’s well-being through story telling. We can only be amazed at the consistent Brilliance of Ffion’s stories.”
IG OLIVER – Author of ‘The Butterfly Bee Lady and The Bee’

“’I GIVE YOU THE MOON’ by Ffion Jones, is an exploration, through gifts, dance and wonder, of a child’s expression of the all-encompassing love they can feel for a sibling. Through memory and shared experience, we learn that a connection, which transcends time and space can remain; even when siblings are physically apart. A lovely, heart-warming story, which will resonate with children and grown-up siblings, alike. “
JENNY RUMNEY – Author of ‘Little Flower’

“This beautiful book could conjure happiness from darkness, warmth from despair and hope from sadness. If you have a child struggling with one of life’s larger questions, then this simple but heart-touching story will be the warm blanket they need. Considered words and charming illustrations combine to create a classic.”
CHRIS WHITE – Author of ‘S.H.E.L.L. (Episode 1) The Horse Awakens’ and ‘No! No! No! – Don’t Kiss The frog’

“Having kids of the same age as Baran & Leyla I can say that reading this beautiful story of sibling love was a treasured memory I will hold forever. Each of them telling the other at the end, “ I love you to the moon and back” , was priceless. A truly beautiful book with a message brought to life with stunning illustrations.”
WILLIAM MALONE, Author of ‘Zach, Reuben, Lottie and Me!’

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