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Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory - Paperback Book

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UPC: 9781916049437
Brand: Ventorros Press

Billy Plonka - the Prince of Stink, the Monarch of Muck, the Sultan of Slime, the Duke of Dregs and the King of Kak. He's the most extraordinary maker of GROT in the entire world, and he's invited 5 individuals (Orson Ploop - An overweight kazoo playing protégé; Victoria Scabb - 259th in line to the English throne; Viola Mudguard - 11-year-old, ex-Wollywood star; Spike Peecee - A self-obsessed dweeb who can never disconnect from the Internet; and Marley Suckett - An anti-hero), to visit his world-famous Grot Laboratory, and step into an adventure they will never forget!
Your tour is about to start. Don't wander off . YOU! Yes, YOU! I'm talking to YOU! Mr. Plonka would hate to lose you along the way... READ IT!!! 
BILLY PLONKA AND THE GROT LABORATORY- the 100% unofficial official parody of one of the greatest children's stories of all time.
This modern re-telling of the Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' stays true to the wonderful wit of Dahl, but brings the tale into the modern age with a lovely twist at the end. Each character meets their grotty fate as they go on their tour of The Grot Laboratory - as the name suggests, a disgusting place full of scumpiddlinoxious fumes and materials. Words reminiscent of Dahl fill the pages - Whi-ffi (it's like wifi only smellier), whazzplop and picklescooper to name but a few. Nominated for the 2022 Big Book Prize at the Shropshire BookFest.

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