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Sheila Wenborne

Sheila is a compulsive creative. Her love of children and animals is what makes her world rock. She is the author of a best-selling book on women’s health, runs a successful well-being company, and is a public speaker who gives talks on mindfulness and positivity. Sheila was one of the founders of the UK’s largest Theatre in Education companies and has directed and written many productions. She performed in the first UK and Middle East stage tours of ‘THE PIRATES OF DINOSAUR ISLAND ‘ and experienced first-hand the joy and excitement the stories and characters she had created had on young audiences. Sheila has loved the experience of transferring the stories into books. She lives on the coast of Essex with her husband and two rescue dogs. VP are very excited to be working with Sheila evolving ‘THE PIRATES OF DINOSAUR ISLAND’ first into a book, and then on!