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Sarah Surgey

sarah surgey
For the last 15 years, Sarah has balanced her writing career alongside teaching. Her teaching career started in the UK, then took her to France for a brief period, before she returned to the UK. Sarah has written for various magazines, focussing on Nordic culture and the arts. These included many articles and interviews with Nordic authors leading to the creation of an online magazine called ‘NORDOPHILE’. Sarah’s first fiction book was ‘A PRESENCE OF ABSENCE’, which she co-wrote with a fellow author and which explored police practices between the Danish and British police, whilst dealing with the subject of grief. This theme carried on into her first children’s book ‘THE HEAVY BAG’ which explored grief and loss.
Sarah’s writing transcends children’s and adult fiction and is usually pulled from contexts and situations surrounding her at the time. Sarah’s first book for VP is ‘THE SLOW SUPERHERO’. She is Yorkshire born, London bred and Bath residing, with her husband and four daughters.