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Neil Mackwood

Neil Mackwood

Neil Mackwood is a former journalist and BBC reporter who has worked on many titles including the Yorkshire Post, the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and The Daily Express.

He is now a full-time writer and writes for children old enough to read for themselves or who have cleverly persuaded their Mum, Dad, Grandparents or big sister or brother to read to them.

He likes stories of animals and how they relate to humans and is particularly interested in heroic stories of animals that happened for real.

Neil lives in East Sussex with his wife Gilly and, where, from his window, he observes wheeling buzzards and big herds of grazing fallow deer which are beautiful, and much admired, until they eat his roses. He is currently trying to learn about the wild flowers that cluster on the verges in Spring and is attempting to differentiate between greater stitchwort, the toadflax and Jack-by-the-hedge.

He has published four books and continues to write stories for children as well as adult fiction.