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The latest books from Ventorros Press.

Check out the titles which have officially hit the shelves and are now available at a bookstore near you.  Whether you are interested in sticking with a favourite writer or want to give a new author a chance, you’ll find your next great read with Ventorros Press.

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My Grandad Is An Alien

Written by Dale Neal, Illustrated by Mark Millicent

RELEASE DATE: 31st October, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    9781739874575

A well-paced and funny picture book that will have children (and teachers) chuckling with pleasure. It draws you in to discover in rhyme an amazing extra terrestrial Grandad. Dale Neal’s text flows effortlessly and will have children chuckling with pleasure. It’s a picture book that you can return to over and over again.

“This is a buoyant and bouncing book riddled with rhymes and various verses! What a duo Dale Neal and Mark Millicent make. Perfect poetry (with elegant internal rhymes no less) coupled with vibrant and colourful illustrations! A joyous book to make any little alien chuckle!” 


Halloween Date From Hell

Witten by Mark Bird, Illustrated by Chris White

RELEASE DATE: 10th October, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    9781739874544

Roses are red, Zombies are green,
This is the strangest tale, You’ve ever seen,
No soppy romance, No fancy cuisine,
Just a deadly date on,
A hellish Halloween!

Yvette Fielding – TV’s ‘first lady of the paranormal’ and Queen of Halloween said: “I’m in LOVE with this book. It’s taking pride of place on my bookshelf. Just my cup of of green, spooky tea!”; “Off the wall, witty and weird!”. “A spectacular spectacle of stupendous horror!” “The perfect Halloween read!” “The story and artwork are truly superb!”

“This spook-tacular poetry book is an absolute gem of a find. Beautifully illustrated, the clever writing and comic elements will keep both adults and children entertained. The modern yet supernatural love story combines witty humour and a catchy rhyme scheme to amazing effect. I’ve bought two so far, but will definitely be back for more. A fantastic present for Halloween or for any time of the year!”


The Flamingos Who Painted The Sky

Written by Suzy Davies, Illustrated by Shirin Massroor

RELEASE DATE: 18th July, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    9781739952877

THE FLAMINGOS WHO PAINTED THE SKY tells the wonderful story of how we got our incredible sunsets. It’s the story of Dad, Paul and son, John. Paul loves to fish and John loves art. One evening down by the lake while Paul is fishing and John is painting, he asks his Dad a question:”Dad…what makes the sky so beautiful at night?” “The flamingos painted the sky!” John’s dad replied… And he starts to tell him the story about a flamingo called, Gray, who lived in the Florida Everglades with his family, who comes up with a brilliant idea to light the Flamingos way home in the sky at night.

“This is such a beautiful and colourful book, the gentle words and stunning imagery make it almost meditative in it’s content. A story about growing up with a dream and the things we can achieve when we work together. Suzy Davies effortlessly brings the story full circle to one of the most satisfying endings I’ve ever read.”


the flamingos who painted the sky

The Realm of Smaller Things

Written and Illustrated by Kent Knowles
realm of smaller things

RELEASE DATE: 6th June, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-9-1
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398745-0-6

A stunningly illustrated modern-day transformative journey ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story about Jane, a cruel young girl who torments the animals and insects in the forest, until one day a giant wave washes her away. She awakens on a distant shoreline to discover she has been shrunken to the size of a cricket. Quickly captured by an army of toad soldiers and summoned before the King of Toads, who judges her for her crimes against smaller things. As the day’s pass, Jane finds herself relying on the very same creatures that she previously tormented.

Kent Knowles creates a stunningly rendered world of exquisite detail. His palette of colours deftly embellishes his story creating a tangible world of vibrant characters in an intriguing and enchanting tale. A children’s book of rare quality! IAN BILLINGS

“Large in ideas and big of heart, it is a charming, wondrous rhyming story that will keep you enthralled to the end and leave you pondering it long after. The stunning illustrations can’t fail to pull you into the beguiling world that Kent Knowles has skilfully created.”


The Slow Superhero

Written by Sarah Surgey and Illustrated by Sayani Mukherjee

RELEASE DATE: 18th April, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-5-3
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398334-5-9

A beautifully illustrated excellent rhyming moral learning tale for young children. Take the time…look, listen and enjoy the world that is under your feet and notice all the wonderful things that are around you!

“I sat back with a smile on my face and thought, “How incredibly clever. Sarah Surgey has it spot on on!. Page after page of beautiful illustrations from the magic brush of Sayani Mukherjee and written in an absolutely delightful mix of both poetry and prose.”


the slow superhero

Them And Us!

Written by Jemma Buntin and Illustrated by Chris White
them and Us

RELEASE DATE: 4th April, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-3-9
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398334-4-2

Kicked off the platform at Liverpool Lime Street Railway Station, Saul the Seagull is forced to find a new home. Finally landing on West Kirby Beach, he’s rudely greeted by a very disgruntled Heron called, Harold. He makes it perfectly clear that Saul is not welcome there.

Surely all flyers can live together in peace..?

“Superbly, dynamic, and inventive story with awesome illustrations, depicting culture and differences in life, whilst revealing the consequences of being afraid of changes. This creative and inventive story for our children, uses the variations in birds, to show how we are all different in our own ways, the importance of learning that supporting each and together, we can all become a force for a future of love and harmony.”


No! No! No! Don't Kiss The Frog!

Written and Illustrated by Chris White

RELEASE DATE: 21st March, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-8-4
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398334-3-5

The rules of Fairytale Land have been set for hundreds of years. Giants live up beanstalks. Trolls hide under bridges. Princesses kiss frogs… But, some 
frogs just want to be left alone… and some rules are meant to be broken…

“Chris White’s drawings are bonkers! This book has an air of hysteria about it that is irresistible!”


dont kiss the frog

The Butterfly Bee Lady And The Bee

Written and Illustrated by IG OLIVER
butterfly bee lady

RELEASE DATE: 14th February, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-4-6
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398334-1-1

She was once a Queen – A Queen of Dragonflies, along with her twin-sister; but fate, malice and a mysterious form of magic contributed to change her into the first ever Butterfly. Years later, pursued by her evil sister in a never-ending search for her and her relations, who unbeknownst to them, hold in their hands the power to change life and open doors to a very different world and much, much more…She was once a Queen – A Queen of Dragonflies, along with her twin-sister; but fate, malice and a mysterious form of magic contributed to change her into the first ever Butterfly. Years later, pursued by her evil sister in a never-ending search for her and her relations, who unbeknownst to them, hold in their hands the power to change life and open doors to a very different world and much, much more…

“This is a magical story that children and adults will fall in love with! If you like myths, fantasy and folklore combined with nature, wildlife and the beauty of our world then you will be right at home with this little gem!”


Gross George

Written by Chris Gamble, Illustrated by Chris White

RELEASE DATE: 10th January, 2022 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-7399528-2-2
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-7398334-0-4

“HE’S EVEN MORE HORRID THAN HENRY!” ‘GROSS GEORGE’ – Book 1 – introduces the World to George Grubbington and his family. Right from the start there is no mistaking that George is not necessarily what might be termed, ‘an acceptable human being’. He is GROSS! REALLY GROSS!!! 

“Genuinely one of the funniest books I’ve ever read (especially with the genius illustrations). Absolutely brilliant!  Kids will love it!!!”


gross george

I Give You The Moon

Written by Ffion Jones, Illustrated by Gareth Jones
i give you the moon

RELEASE DATE: 8th November, 2021 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-9160494-2-0
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-9160494

A beautifully illustrated story inspired by  a true event, about a young boy called, Baran, and his younger sister, Leyla.  It’s a tale that celebrates the special love between siblings, with the artwork provided by fellow Welsh illustrator, Gareth Jones.  It’s a picture book bedtime story, inspired by Baran and Leyla but it is for everyone – and especially those who have lost a sibling – and tells how that love endures.

“Having kids of the same age as Baran & Leyla I can say that reading this beautiful story of sibling love was a treasured memory I will hold forever. Each of them telling the other at the end, ‘I Love You To The Moon’, was priceless.  A truly beautiful book with a message brought to life with stunning illustrations.”


Zach, Lottie, Reuben And Me!

Written by William Malone, Illustrated by Zoey Black

RELEASE DATE: 4th October, 2021 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-9160494-2-0
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-9160494

When a family of five, discover that there’s another totally unplanned baby on the way, it’s a bit of a surprise!  There’s a baby on the way! Where will it go? How will it work?  There’s not enough space in their house, the car is too small, and so on. And then… think about it from the baby’s perspective?  The family is complete and there’s no room for anyone else!  It’s a heart-warming, beautifully illustrated book that explains another new arrival to your children, with a terrific comedy twist.

“Beautifully illustrated and written. The lovely story of a new baby arriving into an already busy and bursting family. This charming book is a must for any family with young children.”



Luna The Moon Pig

Written by Suzy Davies, Illustrated by Sheila Graber
luna the moon pig

RELEASE DATE: 6th September, 2021 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-9160494-6-8
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-9160494-7-5

"The cutest pig since, BABE. She's adorable!" Author - SARAH J. MAXWELL

A heartwarming tale of caring, sharing, rejection, hope, fun, adventure,
happiness, sadness, love, magic and self discovery.  
Luna Moon Pig is the cutest of pigs.  The Millers adopt her and give her to their daughter,
but Moon Pig longs for freedom and
 soon escapes!  A friendly Cardinal Bird and a wise
owl accompany her on her adventure – a magical journey to a wild wood and beyond.
One person – and one person only – came to Suzy’s mind when she was looking for an illustrator for her story – Sheila Graber, the award-winning, world-acclaimed TV animator of ‘Paddington Bear’ and the TV animator/illustrator for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories.

A beautiful story and adventure for a wee pig as the reader joins the pig on their adventure. Super adorable story and the illustrations are an opener to the imagination.



Written and Illustrated by Chris White

RELEASE DATE: 6th September, 2021 
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-9160494-6-8
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-9160494-7-5

Introducing S.H.E.L.L. (Space Heroes Exploring Lost Lands)

– Their mission: To save the entire galaxy from being in a really bad mood!



S.H.E.L.L. Episode One

Billy Plonka And The Grot Laboratory

Written by Ian Billings, Illustrated by Mike Bryson
billy plonka - ian billings

RELEASE DATE: 8th March, 2021
ISBN: Print 978-1-9160494-3-7
ISBN: eBook 978-1-9160494-4-4

BILLY PLONKA – the Prince of Stink, the Monarch of Muck, the Sultan of Slime, the Duke of Dregs and the King of Kak.  He’s the most extraordinary maker of Grot in the entire world and he is inviting 5 individuals to visit his world-famous Grot Laboratory.  BILLY PLONKA AND THE GROT LABORATORY is the 100% unofficial official parody of one of the greatest children’s stories of all time.

“Fans of Roald Dahl rejoice! You’re going to like it! It’s madness! It’s disgusting! It’s hilarious! It’s a hit!!!”

The Dorp Rescue

Written by KC Hayes, Illustrated by Mike Bryson

RELEASE DATE: 10th May, 2021
ISBN PRINT:    978-1-9160494-0-6
ISBN eBOOK: 978-1-9160494-1-3

When the small village of Dorpington is attacked by King Spink’s terrifying, fearsome henchmen, the Stompers, it can mean only one thing – the villagers have all been dragged-off to work as slaves in the evil King’s mines.

The only two surviving Dorps – Dongal and his little friend Doodle, are left with no-choice – they must set-off immediately on an amazing adventure to rescue their friends and families from the Stompers, armed only with their wits and… snowballs!

“This is a great book… It’s certainly very different from anything I’ve seen and I guess that’s one of the most important qualities of any new book for children. The distinctive characters are brought to life with superb illustrations”.


dorp rescue

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