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Meet Our Authors

ian billings

Ian Billings

Multi-award winning writer of books, plays, radio plays and pantomimes; a reformed juggler, actor, lecturer and general dabbler in many areas.

Mark Bird

Mark Bird

Mark was born in a cemetery in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England. Honestly!

Charlie Bown

Charlie Bown

Charlie Bown is a children’s author and poet, a teacher, playworker, childminder and mother to two bonkers children, so she pretty much spends her entire life surrounded by small humans.
jemma buntin

Jemma Buntin

Jemma has worked as a drama practitioner, actress, teacher, and writer for 17 years.

Suzy Davies

Suzy Davies

Suzy Davies was born in Reading, England, to a dual language family.

Chris Gamble

Chris Gamble

Chris always wrote short stories – even from a young age. His earliest memory was drawing comics which he found great fun.

becky halton

Becky Halton

Becky Halton is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and Children’s Book Author from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

KC Hayes

KC Hayes

KC’s knocking on a bit now having been born in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

ffion hughes

Ffion Jones

Ffion is a children’s author and illustrator, living on the Swansea coast with her husband, two lovely daughters, and squirrel-obsessed dog.

kent knowles

Kent Knowles

The son of a chaplain and a school teacher, Kent Knowles grew up traveling around the world.

Attie Lime, childrens author

Attie Lime

Attie is a children’s poet who often thinks up poems as she walks in the trees.


Neil Mackwood

Neil Mackwood

Neil Mackwood is a former journalist and BBC reporter who has worked on many titles including the Yorkshire Post, the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and The Daily Express.
william malone

William Malone

Dublin born, Will is the debut author of ‘ZACH, LOTTIE, RUEBEN AND ME!’ 

kelli merkel

Kelli Merkel

Kelli makes her home in rural Montana with her husband, two youngest sons, three dogs and a passel of chickens on their expanding little hobby farm.

Mark Millicent

Mark Millicent

Mark Millicent is a writer and illustrator based in the USA, where he works in the Hollywood advertising and movie world.

Brian Moses

Brian Moses

Brian is an English writer and poet. He mainly writes for children and has over 200 published works and is especially well known as a children’s poet.

anita nair

Anita Nair

Anita is the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of the novel ‘THE BETTER MAN’

Dale Neal

Dale Neal

Dale lives with his wife Marie, and daughter Essie, in the village of Barrowford in Lancashire.

ig oliver

IG Oliver

Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for Ig.

chris quirk

Christopher Quirk

Prolific children’s book writer Christopher Quirk began his writing career as a hobby. 

sarah surgey

Sarah Surgey

For the last 15 years, Sarah has balanced her writing career alongside teaching. 

david webb

David Webb

David was born and brought up in Anfield, Liverpool. It was a great place to live, especially as a teenager in the 1960’s when The Beatles dominated the music scene!

colin west

Colin West

Colin is a children’s poet, book author and illustrator., known and respected as ‘The King’ of the nonsense verse. 

joe wenborne

Joe Wenborne

Joe Wenborne has worked in the Entertainment business for over forty years.

Sheila Wenborne

Sheila is a compulsive creative. Her love of children and animals is what makes
her world rock.
chris white

Chris White

Chris is a writer. illustrator and performance poet. He has sold thousands of books world-wide and makes constant appearances at festivals, schools and libraries.