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Attie Lime

Attie Lime, childrens author
Attie is a children’s poet who often thinks up poems as she walks in the trees. Her countryside childhood and her three boys inspire her constantly, as well as her ankle-biting cat. Attie enjoys writing and sharing poems of every kind (even kinds she hasn’t thought of yet) and loves it when children laugh and join in. She has worked as a primary school teacher, a preschool teacher, a library assistant, and in various other jobs, but writing poems for children is her favourite. Attie has had children’s poetry published in many print and online publications and is excited to have written a book of poems for bedtime, as she has such fond memories of hearing bedtime poems, herself. She has far too many notebooks and brightly coloured pens but is always on the lookout for more. Attie’s website is attielime.co.uk and she is on Twitter @AttieLime